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Insurance Cover
The following is an
insurance group
that supply insurance
for boatsheds
They currently cover
the Brighton Bathing
For more
information contact
Sue Hall on 8699 8888


Lang Lang Painting

Original Lang Lang Foreshore painting by Miriam Rimmer up for sale

The image is acrylic on linen and the dimensions are: height 76cm (2.5ft) x length 153cm (5ft)
Asking price is two thousand dollars $2,000

For more details contact the artis: Miriam Rimmer
email contact:

Artistic Statement:

A visit to the beach has always had a very therapeutic effect for me.
I have found over the years that when I have been stressed the calmness and tranquillity that the ocean gives has calmed my mind
and given me renewed strength.

The painting of the Lang Lang Foreshore came about one night whilst sitting on my lounge, I decided that I needed a painting on a bare wall.
I decided that a beach landscape would be the way to go for the reasons mentioned.
So I went through my photos and decided that the Lang Lang Foreshore would be perfect.
I chose a photo that I took when my husband and I went on a discovery drive one day in June 2009. We were pleasantly surprised when we discovered the Lang Lang foreshore.
The boatsheds added a dimension to the contrasting sand and rocky flats, the seagulls added another layer, as you cannot have a beach without seagulls.


Below the original photograph



Response to the Lang Lang Foreshore Reserve Draft Coastal Management Plan : March 2012

Hi all
Attached the final draft of our response to the Coastal Management Plan Please have a look and can you forward any comments to me
Many thanks
John Owens

Response to Draft Lang Lang Foreshore Reserve Coastal Management Plan 2011



Have your say on the Lang Lang Foreshore Reserve Draft Coastal Management Plan : March 2012

Hi to all members,
The coastal management plan is now available on the DSE website for comment

Go to the site here >
Please have a look and can you forward any comments to me ASAP.
Submissions close on 16th March so we need to be on the ball to get them in on time.
Any comments need to be as brief and succinct as possible and be directly relevant to the published plan, its best to state page numbers and document headings if you are directly addressing an issue in the plan.
You can submit your comments personally or through the LLBA via me.
I will be collating comments and putting in a submission from LLBA.
Many thanks
John Owens


The 6th LLBA Annual General Meeting on Sunday 23 October 2011

Langlang-sunsetHi to all members, I trust the last year has been good for you. Attached below is the notice of AGM for the Lang Lang Boatshed Association. Sunday 23rd October, 1pm at the Rotunda at the Reserve. I hope you can come along.

Its quite an important meeting as we have Belinda Ainley and Jack Dyte showing us the draft Coastal Management plan that has been drawn up for the Lang Lang Reserve. The draft has direct implications for us as stakeholders at the Reserve and as members of LLBA as boatshed licensees and long term caravan owners. I haven't had the opportunity to see it yet but I have had direct input and commentary to resource information that went into the draft about 12 months ago.

Anne Paxton is resigning as LLBA secretary and we will miss her valuable input and excellent administrative skills. That leaves an opportunity for you to become involved and I encourage you to consider either nominating for committee or any of the office bearer positions on the committee. There will be an election at this AGM to fill the secretary's position.

You annual fees are due = $20

Also please encourage any new licensees or caravan owners that you know to join LLBA.

Look forward to seeing you there

John Owens 0417147764

> Download notice of AGM here


The Big ANZAC Weekend 09 Storm

There was a substantial storm on Sunday 26th April through the reserve at Lang Lang. It has done a significant amount of damage to the sea wall at the southern end of the park as well as damage to boat sheds and caravans. The water from the bay came through the park driven by both a king tide and very strong westerly winds that literally pushed the water into the park, levels so high that the water has gone into some caravan, through some sheds and into the caretakers residence. It was big!!

For some dramatic pictures taken by Judith Richardson at the height of the storm check out the pics.

Luckily for Judith, she was assisted by Frank to get out of the park just before peak high tide. Unfortunately, our car didn’t survive. Many thanks to Gale and Frank for their assistance.

In light of this storm damage, I recommend that you go to the park and check your caravan or shed.

The Foreshore Committee through Jack Dyte has organised a skip for the weekend of the 2-3 May so that you can dump any rubbish from your caravan or shed as you clean up after the storm.
Jack will be in the park on Sunday afternoon to talk to anyone.
I will also be there on Sunday and hope to see you there as well.

John Owens 0417147764


**Special Announcement December 2008**

Some good news! : COM has a grant to repair the rock sea wall and that will start in 2009

COM have the plans for the park development on display at office. Please note you need to send your comments directly to COM about the plans by 14th Jan. So we encourage everybody to have a look and comment when you visit over the Christmas & New Year break.


**Special Announcement November 2008**

The Lang Lang Foreshore committee are having their open public COM meeting Sunday 7th December 3pm at the Foreshore.


  Welcome to Lang Lang Christmas 07 News.  

Dear members,
It’s Christmas time again and hasn’t the year slipped by!! Great time to pause and reflect where we were about 3 years ago when we all thought that Lang Lang Caravan Park might not even exist any more, both boatsheds and caravans. It’s hard to believe that we are now in such a great position of not only keeping the park but now planning the future development of the park which both the Lang Lang Committee of Management (COM) and LLBA are jointly working on. So we have made remarkable progress in just a relative short time since the association for the boatshed licensees and long term caravan owners was formed in June 2005.

John Owens

llpierBev & Laurie  Bev and Laurie will be leaving the caretakers position from mid-December this year. On behalf of the association, its members and the committee, I would like to thank Bev & Laurie for their great support, practical adviceand assistance to the association. LLBA have given them a life term membership as recognition for their support. We wish them well and I’m sure that we will still see them frequently as they will no doubt visit the park on occasions.
“Our family have really appreciated the way Bev and Laurie have cared for the park and for us as visitors- They have been instrumental in creating a positive caring atmosphere in the park and have always stood up for us and our rights where it counted in so many ways. Always friendly, welcoming and willing to go above and beyond when unexpected things happen such as the time we lost our dog down a rabbit hole!! - Bev and Laurie we will miss you! Good luck on your next venture” - Judith Richardson and the Owens Family

Our new Caretakers Interviews have been completed for the position of the caretakers for the park. Members from LLBA committee and COM conducted the interviews. We had two couples that were extremely well suited to the job and it was really only ½% difference between the two. So there was much deliberation and discussion about who would be suited. It was such a close call however a decision had to be made with the interests of the park and users in mind. The new caretakers from 15th December are Gayle Bolitho and Frank Dickson. We welcome Gayle and Frank and look forward to meeting them at the New Years Eve Party.

New Years Eve 07
Yes – its’ on again. The self appointed Social Committee (Margaret Dorian & Bev Morris) have organised the jukebox again for this years event. It’s back in the Rotunda (funny name for a rectangular building!) from when ever you get there, evening of the 31st December. Bring your food and drink and a smiley face!! Also COM will be announcing their decision on their committee’s choice of the Lang Lang Foreshore Committee Perpetual Plaques for Best Caravan 2007 & Best Boatshed 2007. This will be an annual presentation and the winners get to have the plaque proudly displayed on their caravan or boatshed for the year.

Pier SunsetFarewell to our jetty: It is with great sadness that we bid farewell to our famous jetty.Jack Dyte has worked tirelessly for about 4 years in an attempt to save the jetty. Unfortunately, despite his efforts and that of many others in the local community, the jetty has been demolished. There is a group formed consisting of LLCOM, LLBA, Parks Victoria, Cardinia and Bass Coast council to develop a plan to rebuild a structure for public use where the jetty use to be. It’s very early days and the type of structure (fishing platform, boat jetty or other?) has to be defined and, of course, money has to be sought to build anything.

Working Bee. We want your muscle & sweat!!!! COM has advised me that they have some funding available to help with the repair of the sea wall. There will be a working bee to repair the wall in February and I will let you know exact dates which will posted on the website ( We need your help to do this repair and it will be over a weekend. It will be a great time to have another get together. Every hour that you volunteer to work in the park is accumulated as “in kind” contribution that is used to get $1 for $1 in government grants. The more hours we put in the more $$’s we get from government so this is a fantastic way to contribute to the future development of the park and the foreshore reserve.

AGM 2007  The AGM was not as well attended this year. It’s a great opportunity to find out what is happening in the park and the association. We attempt to keep everyone informed via the newsletters, emails, website ( and AGM notifications but it’s not always possible to get information to everyone despite our efforts. That’s why we ask to have your email and contact addresses confirmed as circumstances change for people. We also put copies of any newsletter and notices in the caretakers office so that they are available when you drop in to pay your account.
The AGM is a great opportunity to find out what is happening and a great forum to discuss issues and concerns. This year Jack Dyte (president COM) was available to discuss the proposed development of the park as well as discuss what will be happening with the jetty. It was a great opportunity to ask questions of your committee and an opportunity to nominate to be on the committee and actively participate.
Next years AGM is on Sunday 18th October 2008 so pop it in your diary

Jack Dyte Jack (President COM) has spent a bit of time in hospital after heart surgery and we wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him at the New Years Eve party. Jack has been a major contributing factor in getting both COM and LLBA working together and I thank him for that.

Proposed Development of the park
A group has been formed between COM and LLBA to start the process of developing a plan for the future development of the park.
I am extremely pleased in how COM is actively seeking our involvement in this development and we are very keen to be involved. With the long term plan of changing the road and plantings,there may over time be the need to move some caravans depending on how the plan is developed. The following points MUST be emphasised
• No caravan owner will be forced to move. There will be a need for some (not all) caravans (depending on the development plan) to be moved and this will be in consultation with the owners. Once the plans have been developed, the new positions may be better or more enticing than current positions. It will all depend on the plans and you will have a say in those plans.
• The park development program will take some years to be finalised
• Funding and grants will need to be applied for over a period of time to do the work
• Its not going to happen tomorrow
• Long term caravan owners and boatshed licensees will be consulted
• Development plans will be available, when completed, for all to review and comment
• By the time the funding has been achieved and plans developed its likely that the nearest reasonable time for start of work will be in about 4 to 5 years, and it will be an ongoing process to suit the requirements of the park users.
More information will be available as the plans develop

Erosion Control Yes we are still working on the erosion problem and we have not forgotten that this is the primary cause for concern for then park and the entire foreshore. Latest information is that DSE Gippsland is keen to see the use of medium sizes rocks layered in a wedge shape on the foreshore. Advice from Prof Peter Joubert is that this is a very good alternative as long as the wedge shape is maintained and kept at the optimal angle. The idea is to have the rock run the length of the foreshore including the seawall south to the end of the boatsheds. Grants for funding have to be applied for and boatshed licensees may have to contribute $$’s as the grants do not apply for the foreshore in front of boatshed structures. However we will get advice about this as it develops.

Boatsheds Now that things have settled down considerably, it’s pleasing and gratifying to see licensees making an effort to do some work on their shed, cleaning up, painting and a bit of renovation. I ask that when you are doing work on your sheds that you keep in mind the essence of the Heritage Overlay that describes the reserve as a typical example of “1950’s seaside resort”, something that is probably not available anywhere else in Australia.
Boatshed licensees are strongly reminded that whilst we applaud the renovation and beautification work on the sheds, you are reminded that shed sizes are strictly controlled. Please do not expand the sizes of the sheds in any way; for example, filling in areas under awnings etc. It is strictly against the foreshore regulations and the conditions of the lease. COM has the authority to ask you to take down any additions recently built.
The sheds are a precious resource as has been highlighted by the recent Heritage Overlay placed on the sheds, sea wall and rotunda and we do not need any excuse for cause for demolition. It’s therefore important to maintain them in the size and shape when the Heritage Overlay was placed on them in Sept 2005. If in doubt please contact COM and Jack will advise you. Boatshed licensees are also reminded that the purchase of the license is just that; purchase of the license not the building itself or the land. The land is owned by The Crown.
I have had discussions with COM and they feel it’s their duty of care to advise that staying overnight in boatsheds is not allowed. My advice is to bring a tent and pitch it near your shed.
Please do not forget to pay the overnight fees to the caretakers.

For more details contact: The Lang Lang Boatshed Association
PO Box 245 Yarraville 3013 or call John Owens on 0417147764 or Russel Bradley on 0412540408

Thanks for your support over the year and look forward to seeing you at the New Years Eve party


Subscriptions to LLBA: A reminder that we need your continued support and that your subscriptions are due. The $30pa allows us to maintain the association so that we can represent you for the important issues around erosion control, the future park development and effective representation to DSE. Please send and address your cheques to LLBA, P. O. Box 219 , Lang Lang, 3984
Alternatively see Margaret Dorian at the park when you next visit.


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