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Christmas 2006

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  Welcome to Lang Lang December News.  

Dear members,
The Lang Lang Boatshed Association committee wishes all members a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for your continued support and patience as we wade through the public service bureaucracy and slowly make headway with our endeavours. This newsletter is a quick summary of where we are up to in our dealings with DSE. We are making progress and common sense will prevail.
I trust you have a safe and happy festive season and see you all down at Lang Lang.
John Owens President

Lobbying: LLBA has covered much ground in the last 2 years and we now have some powerful allies, not least the newly elected Local Member for Bass, Ken Smith MP and Veronica Dowman, Bass Coast Shire Councillor for Leadbeater Ward, (the district that incorporates the Lang Lang Caravan Park). Members have also lobbied extensively to local community groups including Lang Lang town committee, the DSE appointed Lang Lang Foreshore Committee, the council’s Bass Coast Planning team and various politicians both elected and in opposition (John Anderson ALP, Bass; David Davis, Lib Opp Spokesperson Water & Environment, Doug Hamilton, Cardinia Shire Councillor, Port Ward). The affiliation of LLBA with the five other boatshed associations around Port Phillip Bay continues to benefit members and we have made valuable media contacts with an article ‘Vote fishing for old jetty’ by Dimity Barber featuring the Lang Lang Caravan Park in the Pakenham Cardinia Leader Newspaper (18 October 2006).

Exciting Developments: Real progress has been made in our negotiations with DSE evidenced by a significant attitudinal shift as follows:

• Successive meetings with DSE since December 2005. LLBA has continued to emphasise and reiterate to DSE that the core ongoing problem at Lang Lang is coastal erosion that is not being effectively managed. DSE has responsibility for the management of coastal erosion and they have not been doing their duty. Erosion continues to impact on the foreshore with or without the presence of boatsheds and caravans.

• DSE has acknowledged LLBA’s position of not wanting to relocate boatshed and caravan sites and is starting to discuss options that do not include relocation.

• DSE confirmed it has funding to develop a detailed plan (by tender) for the Caravan Park involving 3 options:-
• leave the caravan park as is with a beautification and facilities upgrade;
• redesign the caravan park and relocate the boatsheds and caravans;
• combination of the above two options.
• DSE is now seeking advice from GHD (authors of the Government gazetted Coastal Management Plan which proposed the demolition of existing boatsheds and the relocation of both boatshed and caravan sites at the Lang Lang Caravan Park) about how to instigate methods of sustainable erosion control.

• LLBA has briefed GHD on the (LLBA commissioned) report by Professor Peter Joubert, OAM, which recommends a beach renourishment program that has been successfully employed at various bayside beaches such as Middle Brighton and Sandringham Harbour. GHD has indicated that they will recommend to DSE the establishment of another trial using stacked and sand covered tyres (with plants) directly in front of the boatsheds as a means of dune development and erosion control. LLBA have strongly suggested that a trial of Prof Joubert Beach renourishment concept be
conducted. This will be discussed further with DSE in February 2007. What is important in this exchange is that there are still viable erosion control techniques available that DSE are now starting to look at and LLBA willcontinue to push.

The Poles: As part of an erosion control trial, DSE have erected a series of poles where the mud meets the foreshore sand, starting at Boatshed No 7 and extending through to Boatshed No 9. As a second stage of this experiment mangroves will be planted in the shelter of the poles. LLBA has raised concerns with DSE over the sustainability of the poles, the issue of residual chemical toxicity and proximity to the beach and has, of course, voiced vigorous opposition to the visual impact on the foreshore. DSE have supplied information that says that the poles are treated with ACQ (Ammoniacal Copper Quartenary) which is the latest generation of treatments for soft timbers. The poles are not treated with Copper Chromium Arsenate (CCA). The literature suggests that there is no chemical toxicity from ACQ treatment and that the poles are “safe”. Other information suggests that the treatment is so new that effects have not been documented. LLBA will continue to monitor the relevant literature.

Interim Heritage Overlay: LLBA has just been advised that the Bass Coast Council is currently forming an overall Planning Scheme for the Shire. The Minister for Planning approved an Interim Heritage Control on the Lang Lang Foreshore Reserve on 28th September 2006. The Bass Coast Shire Council is exhibiting the proposed Heritage Overlay at Grantville (Rural Transaction Centre) and at the shire offices in Wonthaggi.
The proposed Heritage Overlay (HO) consists of "a nominal curtilage of 20 metres all around the jetty and along the foreshore from the low water mark and to include and (sic) area of 20 metres all around the boatsheds, seawall, W G Sullivan Shelter in a contiguous arrangement".
In essence, the proposed HO aims to retain the Lang Lang Foreshore Reserve and its structures because of the local historical and aesthetic significance. The boatsheds, seawall and W G Sullivan shelter are buildings and structures established in the 1950s when the reserve was developed as a seaside retreat. The jetty has more historical
relevance as it has played a major role in transportation from the late 1800s for eastern Victoria.
The proposed HO prevents any building being demolished or built without a permit from the Council and cannot be overruled by the DSE! A display is available for public review, comment and submission from November to December at the Bass Coast office and at Grantville. The Council expects to review the submissions and make a decision by the end of August 2007.
LLBA will review the planning scheme details on display and will be putting in a supportive submission. The Council has recommended that a petition from the local community and concerned citizens of Victoria be included with the submission.

On the side bar you will find a petition that supports the instigation of the HO. please get as many signatures as possible for this petition? LLBA believes that this will be a major step in achieving our aims for the reserve and so we are asking members to gather signatures.
Please return petitions to John Owens, P. O. Box 245, Yarraville, 3013 by 26th January 2007.
John will be co-ordinating the submission to council and will need all petitions by that date. Visit for relevant links.

Proposed Public Forum: LLBA has asked for a public forum with DSE that all members can attend to discuss the erosion problems of Western Port Bay, and specifically the Lang Lang and Jam Jarrup foreshores as well as the proposed plans for the beautification/upgrade to facilities at the Lang Lang Caravan Park. A notice will be sent to members when DSE confirms a date for the forum.

Yes, it’s on again! It’s a Fancy Dress at the rotunda so you need to dress up as there will be prizes for the best dressed. It’s a BYO food and drink. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

WE have had a tremendous response for membership and LLBA now represents 85% of the boatshed licensees and long term caravan owners. This is a strong position when we are dealing with DSE. LLBA thanks you for you continued support. If you know any one who is not a member then please let Margaret Dorrien know and she will only be too pleased to have a chat with them.

Please be aware that there are snakes that share our environment at Lang Lang. The warmer weather has seen greater snake activity earlier than usual. Please be careful particularly with children and pets.

For more details contact: the Lang Lang Boatshed Association
PO Box 245 Yarraville 3013 or call John Owens on 0417147764 or Russel Bradley on 0412540408


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